welcome to Century 21.2

does my pager get reception in this casino?

“We are living in the 21st Century” – kanye west. he definitely owns a calendar.

Times are changing exponentially.

It has been reported that there is more information in a week’s worth of the NY Times than people ever processed in their lifetime 100 years ago.

The power of expressing yourself through letters was once reserved for the privileged and now ones thoughts can be dispersed to millions in just a few minutes.

This is crazy. This is good. This is Bad. It all depends.

The technology that has given a voice to millions has also silenced us in its mere monstruosity, turning our thoughts, hopes, lives, and dreams into a mere spec in the digital universe. Thats kinda bad.

But its also good.

Because it means that the voices that eventually will be heard are the voices that stand out, stand true, and persevere. The voice that never changes its tune and stays on course will eventually be the one that stands out and  makes its way out of obscurity and into the very hearts that make up that sea of digital oblivion.

the ones that are speaking just for the sake of speaking will be drowned out with the others. The 21st century is bad if you are one of those.

But if you are speaking for the sake of something that needs to be heard, or a story that needs to be told,  for the sake of another voice that is unable to speak, or for a voice that doesnt care if its heard or not….welcome to century  21.2



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