Going for it

I just want to personally thank all of you that are starting to follow us and  our music.

We have gotten some great feed back at our reverbnation/hideawayplace page and our facebook fan page.  These are exciting yet scary times. Lets talk about the exciting part first:

Its not every month that one can say “i have an album coming out next month”. Yet here I am, after more than a year of frustration, pain, delays, and LOTS of patience, the album has been masterized.

We are at a very young phase with this project. The album artwork is being worked on as we speak and therefore I havent really established a visual identity for Hideaway Place. It feels great when everything is finally put together after a long time of envisioning what the final product would look/sound like. The feeling of accomplishment can only be temporary. I compare it to finishing a long an arduous race, only to find out that the hardest race is still to come right after it.

So that brings us to the scary part:

Yes, we are done with the music phase of the project. Now it’s time to get it to as many ears as possible. And THAT is where the hard part begins. There is so much music being made and passed around these days that in order to stand out and grab people’s attention artists need to REALLY stand out. In this age in order to be heard you have to either be REALLY crazy (see: gaga), super  talented (taylor swift) or both (see: Kanye West).

On behalf of the band, I promise not to be too preoccupied with knowing which side that spectrum we fall under. I know that the biggest need that human beings have is the craving to be understood and the freedom to express. Most of life’s conflicts and frustrations are the result of misunderstandings that arise from one’s expressions being hindered whether they be verbal, physical, artistic, or psychological. So my hope for Hideaway Place is to be there for those times where a  situation creates feelings that are hard to articulate. That after all the production, writing, rehearsing, and designing, someone out there during a time of distress  will be able to say “this is what I was feeling….Someone understands….etc”.

this is what i want our music to feel like.

My preoccupation will be to make a connection rather than making sales, although sales arent such a bad idea either ; )

I am looking forward to seeing you out there when we play live. But first we have LOTS to take care of. Technology has placed power in our hands that once was only available to major record labels. We have that same power now, but with that power comes the hard work that back in the day only record labels had to do: booking, marketing, shipping,  networking, etc.

There is lots of work ahead and we thank you for being here this early in the process. The tentative release day for the album is Dec 11. (yeah, we are competing with the christmas season cause thats how we roll).

 I’ll try not to burden you guys with our self promotion, but by all means, if you like our music, DO SHARE with your friends!

I will keep you all as informed as possible with the progress of our album release.

ps. the album will be called “the Nahum show”…dont ask me where name that name came from..

Ok. take care.


this book probably became obsolete while it was being written


welcome to Century 21.2

does my pager get reception in this casino?

“We are living in the 21st Century” – kanye west. he definitely owns a calendar.

Times are changing exponentially.

It has been reported that there is more information in a week’s worth of the NY Times than people ever processed in their lifetime 100 years ago.

The power of expressing yourself through letters was once reserved for the privileged and now ones thoughts can be dispersed to millions in just a few minutes.

This is crazy. This is good. This is Bad. It all depends.

The technology that has given a voice to millions has also silenced us in its mere monstruosity, turning our thoughts, hopes, lives, and dreams into a mere spec in the digital universe. Thats kinda bad.

But its also good.

Because it means that the voices that eventually will be heard are the voices that stand out, stand true, and persevere. The voice that never changes its tune and stays on course will eventually be the one that stands out and  makes its way out of obscurity and into the very hearts that make up that sea of digital oblivion.

the ones that are speaking just for the sake of speaking will be drowned out with the others. The 21st century is bad if you are one of those.

But if you are speaking for the sake of something that needs to be heard, or a story that needs to be told,  for the sake of another voice that is unable to speak, or for a voice that doesnt care if its heard or not….welcome to century  21.2